Études offers comprehensive consulting, management, design, and research solutions. Every architectural endeavor is an opportunity to shape the future.

Our dynamic duo comprises two individuals whose synergy creates a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency.

Together, we form a tight-knit team that thrives on collaboration and complements each other’s strengths. With a shared vision and a passion for excellence, we embark on every project with enthusiasm, determination, and a dash of creativity. Our unique perspectives blend seamlessly, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and solutions emerge organically.

Despite our small size, we pride ourselves on big accomplishments, delivering results that speak volumes about our dedication and capabilities. In this tight partnership, each day is a new opportunity to learn, grow, and make a significant impact.

Meet our team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse team.

Mohammed Chehida

Founder, Designer

Jihed Bouazizi

Founder, Developer